Welcome to Your City 2020: Seattle

An annual event hosted by Harvard to connect new alumni and recent grads to each other!

Please join us in welcoming the Class of 2020 this fall! Harvard alumni between the years of 2011-2020 will be coming together with local Harvard Clubs and participating Shared Interest Groups for Welcome to Your City on October 14. This event series will be held entirely online this year and will be a great, informal way for recent graduates to connect with other locally based, recent Harvard alumni. It will include games and potentially vouchers for Uber Eats or drinks. Register with your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts to see who's coming and connect with other attendees before, during, and after the event.

Meet the Team!

  • Michael Bervell is the event lead and President for the Harvard Club of Seattle.

  • Carlos Obando is the local lead for Harvard Alumni for Education.

  • Rakesh Gopalakrishnan is the local lead for Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs.

  • Edward Rocha is the local lead for Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance.

  • Emily Van Dyke is the local lead for Native American Alumni of Harvard University.

  • Jose Avonce and Michael Bervell are the local leads for Harvard College 2019 Class Committee Gift Marshal.

  • Menaka Narayanan is the local lead for Harvard College 2019 Class Committee Media Team.

  • Mustafa Bal is the local lead for Harvard College 2019 Activities Chair.

  • Timothy Parent is the local lead for Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury, and Retail.



Date: Wednesday, October 14th

Time:  7pm PST - 9pm PST

Ticket Price:  FREE!


Click here to register


Questions? Please email Michael Bervell, President of the Harvard Club of Seattle