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For 132 years, the Harvard Club of Seattle and its alumni have served Harvard, Seattle, and Western Washington through philanthropic service, educational activities, and community building.  The Club fosters a spirit of fraternity among our 4,500+ Harvard alumni members (and their families) by reconnecting former classmates, providing a forum to meet new Harvard alumni, connecting alumni to current student to talk about student life, interviewing students to apply to Harvard, socializing over common interests, and hosting 40+ events and service activities per year.  It’s a club that, like Harvard, is older than all of its members: you can read about the history of the Club here.


As the 19th president since incorporation, I would like to invite you to join and support the Club.  Our unique programs are only possible because of your support and participation.  Starting at just $25/year for recent graduates, seniors, and non-residents, we offer several different categories of membership to suit your situation.  Paying Club members get exclusive access to our premier events, such as discounted tickets to Sounders games, Mariners games, Broadway shows at the Paramount, remote events through video conferencing, and much more.


If you want to see a program, tour, or event that we haven't offered, you’re in luck!  We're always looking for fresh ideas, so get in touch with a Club officer to sign up as a volunteer.  It’s a great way to meet people while providing a service to your fellow alums.  In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are always striving to create a better customer experience for our Harvard alumni.  Feel free to email the President directly with suggestions, or areas of improvement.


Our Harvard experience does not have to end just because we have graduated.  Don't miss out on the spirit and camaraderie of your local club.  Get involved today!


Your membership supports our Mission!


Kelly Charlton, CSS '82
President, Harvard Club of Seattle

Harvard Club of Seattle Presidents

1974-76  Norman L. Winn '61

1976-77  Henry A. Kuharic '50

1977-78  George N. Prince '43, LLB '48

1978-79  George Denniston MA '61

1979-81  William P. Hammond '68

1982-83  A. Henry Schilling '66

1983-85  Peter A. Danelo '72, JD '75

1985-87  Carla Okigwe '65, MA '74

1987-93  H. Blair Bernson '69

1993-99  John Erlick '75

1999-04  A. Brian Davenport '68, MA '73

2004-07  William C. Hartmann '90

2007-10  Stanley D. Mark '73, MBA '76

2010-13  Brenda J. Walker '88

2013-15  Ling Lin '12

2015-17  Gautham P. Reddy '85

2017-20  Alexis M. Wheeler, JD '09

2020-22  Michael Bervell '19

2022-      Kelly Charlton, CSS '82