Book Talk: Larry Vincent ('73) and "A Theft of Privilege"

Join us as we learn about Harvard's secret societies and the buried history of this notorious society.

Be among the first to learn the fascinating, and until recently buried history of the notorious Harvard secret society known as the Med. Fac.  Larry has spent years digging deep into the Harvard Archives to assemble a compelling account  of Gilded Age collegiate crime and bad behavior.  Over a hundred years after the fact, relying on previously sealed and still unpublished documents, he reopens the door to an era when felonious conspiracy at the nation’s most ancient university could be overlooked as a youthful peccadillo—so long as the perpetrators were privileged by ancestry, wealth, and social status.

L.M. Vincent (’73) was a literary editor of the Harvard Lampoon while an undergraduate at Harvard, and a former member of the Harvard Medical School faculty.  A radiologist and ultrasound specialist, he has authored numerous medical articles as well as non-fiction and four novels, and his plays have been produced regionally and off-off-Broadway.

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Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Local time: 6pm - 7pm PST 

Location: Zoom

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