HCS Crimson Achievement Program (CAP) Mentor Opportunity

Support local students and schools!  Become a role model and guide to promising high school students by serving as a Harvard Club of Seattle CAP Mentor.


Where Access Meets Inclusion!  As described in this Harvard Gazette article, the Harvard Club of Seattle Crimson Achievement Program provides high-potential high school students from low-income communities with mentorship support and an opportunity to participate in enrichment activities that support their path to college.  CAP Mentors are expected to contribute to the program on at least a quarterly basis by, for example:

  • Participating in group mentorship meetings (remote or in-person)

  • Joining the CAP Scholars for community service endeavors like the Burien Brat Trot (pictured below)

  • Reviewing CAP Scholars' application materials for college and other academic opportunities

Current Harvard students and recent grads who completed their first bachelor's degree within the past decade are encouraged to serve as CAP Mentors.


Application Deadline:  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30 (11:59PM)


Questions? Email your CAP Chairs: Simone Abegunrin '18 (Harvard Recent Grads) or Jennifer Niemi '23 (Harvard Students).


Photos of inaugural CAP Scholars provided courtesy of Kris Snibbe (left) and Michael Bervell '19 (right).