Information Session: Board of Directors, Officers, and Chairs

Learn more about what it means to be on the board of the Harvard Club of Seattle and how you can engage or get involved!

With the Harvard Club of Seattle's annual dinner right around the corner (date and speakers to be announced soon), we are looking for members of our club who are interested in joining the Harvard Club of Seattle Board of Directors.  Composed of up to 15 excited and engaged alumni of all backgrounds, our board is the governing and organizing body behind the HCS.


For those who are interested in joining the board, this event is mandatory (if you cannot attend but would like to learn more about being on the board, please contact Kelly Charlton, President, HCS).  We will discuss the roles of different board members, the election process, and you will be able to hear from and ask questions of our various board members.  Briefly described, the nominations process will include submitting a questionnaire (click to see an example) to our Nominations Committee who will narrow down this broad slate of candidates to a collection of candidates for the broader club to vote on.


Positions and roles that our board has annually include: President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Chairs, and elected directors.

This year in particular, we are looking for a new Treasurer.


You can read more about our Board of Directors in the overview below (an excerpt from our club's governning documents):

  • The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate past president of the Corporation, and additional members, for a total of up to 15 directors.
  • Board of Director terms are 3 years that are staggered
  • Directors are elected members of the board and are elected by HCS members in good standing whose membership and dues are current
  • Officers are also elected and must be board Directors.  The 4 Officer roles are President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Per Article 3.15 of the Bylaws, the Club has four standing members’ committees; these are the Nominating Committee, Schools & Scholarships Committee, Programs Committee, and Membership Committee.  By a majority vote, the Board can create additional members’ committees, as well as Directors’ committees (which must consist of at least two Directors).  Members’ committee members do not need to be elected Directors.
  • Officer terms are 1 year and they may be elected to consecutive terms.  The President is limited to 3 consecutive 1-year terms.
  • About HCS - Bylaws at the bottom of the page -
  • Your membership must be current, and stay current for the duration of your term


Informational Session Board of Directors, Officers, and Chairs

Saturday, May 13, 2023

10:00am - 11:00am PT

Virtual on Zoom

Hosted by David Lawson, HLS '08 and Kelly Charlton, CSS '82




For more information, please contact the current President of the Harvard Club of Seattle, Kelly Charlton.


HCS Board of Directors
HCS Board of Directors
HCS Board of Directors